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EPK: Paranoya

The artist Paranoya, defines all of the same characteristics in his music. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in a number of different cities across the world before finally settling in Tampa, Fl, Paranoya's life-long experiences and troubles in his life are the outline of his music. His story, which can only be told by him and the people who know him, is somewhat like a motion picture. Drama, Action, Tragedy, Heroism, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, and even some Sci-Fi can be appreciated in this musician's repertoire. What separates Paranoya from other artist, is his ability to relate to everyone, no matter the demographic. His style is a mixture of old school hip-hop production, mixed with the new-age trap and melodic harmonies to draw the listener into his unpredictable world.

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Twitter/IG: @therealparanoya
Soundcloud: @the-real-paranoya
Video Directed by: www.MicoWhite.com