About Mico

Founder Mico White was born in Panama City Florida and raise in Tampa Bay. Raised in a household filled with the soulful sounds of oldies, neo soul & reggae, White developed a love for music at an early age. He eventually gravitated toward his own style of music…Hip Hop.  White's love of music and fascination with movement led him to begin filming dance videos for dancers around the Bay Area.

As White's dance videos progressed, he began to study other styles of digital recording and turn his attention to filming in the music industry.  Mico White Productions was birth.

Officially launched in 2011, White's talents have taken him beyond the visual realm of the music industry and into local businesses as well as professional interviews.

In 2012, Mico White Productions linked with HeadNOKKA Media Group to create visual artistry for musical artists Regason, Solo350, imagiin360 & JMecca. White has been featured on DisIsHipHop.com, local magazines & has received several awards for his work in the music industry.

"I plan on creating videos for the rest of my life. I dream of making an impact in the filming industry and hopefully I'll venture into movies in my future. Right now, I am just enjoying every minute of my learning experience and I thank everyone that has made a difference in my life. You have helped me to get here."

-Mico White-